Arts Centres

"Your Neighborhood place for World Class Arts"

PolyHele Arts Institutions are structured into three levels as part of community, district and city projects. The three levels incorporate Arts Centres, International Arts Centres and Arts Cultural Centres.

Our programs have teachers and masters qualified to teach all specialties at all levels from Early education to Professional Chinese and Western Arts to students ranging from 2 years old to retired aged seniors. We try to keep a well balanced creative education through Chinese traditional Arts and Western Arts curriculums in five main departments: Languange Arts, Dance and Sports, Arts and Crafts, Music, Natural Sciences and Engineering. Through the philosophy of the 8 intelligences, our students exercise and develop their full brain powers, inner spirit and technical skills. Thus influencing children's core personality development and self confidence through a well rounded arts education so they can be well prepared and confident for the international stage.

Our mission is to cultivate our student's positive energy, harnessing their positive contribution and influence to society and helping develop a better world through cooperation and contribution.

Our system also emphasizes bilingual learning with a non pressure environment as they improve and apply their basic oral English skills.

Through small group and private classes, students learn the basic social values by understanding other's ideas and being patient to cooperate, learn and share well with peers around them.

Our class specialties are vast and we can categorise into Western Arts; Arts and crafts, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, speech and acting. Chinese Arts; traditional painting styles and brush calligraphy, traditional vocal Music, traditional instrumental music, ethnic dance styles and Chinese traditional ballet, martial arts (Kung-Fu choreography, TaeKwon-Do), Speech, Monologues and acting. Also students study Lego toys construction system as well as Science and Engineering programs. All these Chinese traditional specialties help to emphasize the Chinese ancient art culture, Chinese traditional etiquette, student’s creative development, well roundedness, as well as a strong temperament and self confidence. Students in our Arts Centres usually take more than one specialty from each of the Western and Chinese traditions to balance their well rounded learning.

We believe in the theory of 8 intelligences and for that reason, most of our students are enrolled in more than one or up to five of our departments. This way they exercise the most out of their creative powers and discover how to utilize all their brain functions, also developing full spatial awareness, body coordination and kinesthetics while constructing a superior brain anatomy of all the different brain regions and their infinite wondrous connections.

We offer all our students experiences to participate in our yearly scheduled activities at our small performance halls, Art exhibitions, master classes, competitions, outdoor performances, public welfare and charity events, TV appearances, concert hall performances, holiday summer programs, Arts festivals and competitions around China and abroad creating a full national and international platform to build a unique and world class arts education model.

At present, the main Poly Hele Arts Centres are in Poly Central Residence in Wuhan, Poly Heart Residence in Chongqing, Poly Garden Residence and Poly Grand Mansion Residence in Guangzhou. We are planning to open 10 more Arts Centres in the next 2 years.