Poly Hele Kindergartens is one of the main education services, for children ages 2-6 years old. Our program emphasizes learning the foundation for the full use of their mind and to have a happy well rounded early development.

Polyhele Kindergarten is a national system with branches all over the country. There are three clear programs in our system which all students take part in. The programs are: Chinese traditional culture class curriculum, foreign language and curriculum, and a vast Arts and good etiquette education.Our program revolves around getting students, teachers and parents working together to form the best kind of learning environment and progress for our students.

We have fun classes that include PE (Physical Education) with vast facilities for kids to learn real sports and exercise freely, also facilities for learning several Fine Arts and fine traditional Chinese etiquette education.Our well rounded program represents the perfect blend of Chinese and foreign cultures as kids learn the essence of global life and to inspire kids to be more independent, self confident, optimistic and a healthy well rounded personality. Our education program is very innovative and based on global education concepts, so kids can experience an eventful and meaningful childhood and a bright future with our (Hele) Happy together philosophy.