Cultural Vision
Big Idea

Our unique education system devotes its essence to the greater development of every individual child, and how this child will influence our communities, our business and the whole world itself. Being a nationally recognized company which has strong foundations based on its construction philosophy from experience, but not bound by any walls or buildings, Polyhele connects people’s homes and hearts to the world.

Hele Song "Hele Mission"

Since we are born, everyone is destined to be somebody special.

Early education is the brightest light in a young individual’s life. Every parent cares about their Children’s early education the most since this is the time to foster creative thinking, artistic ideas, self confidence, self control and good cognitive reasoning. We believe in balanced learning focusing in artistic, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical well being.

We construct our facilities in an artful or Victorian style interior design, with vast exterior designed yards with enough nature and place for kids to enjoy a safe, open and relaxed environment.

We believe that music, song, dance, acting, and art education are the pillars for fostering good etiquette in a young child.

We pride ourselves in giving the best learning environment where all arts and nature form an important base of our education system, teaching environment and philosophy.

Our Philosophy which is also based on the long and strong history of China, assures every child who is part of the Hele family a secure, bright and fruitful future.

CSPE——Constructive Spacial Positive Empericalism philosophy