2019 4th poly and happy Youth Art Festival ends successfully
Hele education | 2019-08-10
Art is the aggregation of spiritual beauty

The softness and strength of dance

Melodious and elegant instrumental music

Rhythm and flexibility of vocal music

The color and creativity of Art

Aesthetic pleasure of whole body and mind through sensory feeling

The annual Holly children's Art Festival of poly Holly Art Center has begun again! On August 10, 2019, the fourth poly and Music Youth Art Festival officially opened in Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre. The theme of the festival is "dance music, sound and music", covering a number of talents such as dance, art, instrumental music, etc. He Yue teenagers are confident in showing themselves on the stage, flying their youth and blooming their dreams. For the first time, four schools in Wuhan worked together to perform four chapters, created three months and selected 20 programs. Nearly 300 actors, aged over 3-12.

The opening dance "peaches and plums fragrance" brought by Chinese dance and Latin dance teachers means that the excellent teachers of harmony have changed the wind and rain, peaches and plums in the world, and the cute kids in the four campuses have different characteristics. Indian dance, Latin dance, Chinese dance and hip-hop dance show the most confident appearance of every young person.

The little stars of harmony came onto the stage with their own designed costumes, and became the most beautiful young people on the stage. The color show showed the most beautiful style. The children's chorus of harmony was "learning from the cat" and "pear blossom is open again". The music moves the note, the harmony students pay homage to the animation performance of the parents of the post-80s and post-90s generation, the wonderful performance of the small harmony band "flowers bloom when walking", the innovative performance of the drum and dance on the shelf "nobody", the creation of the comprehensive performance of the instrument, the creation of the tremolo divine music, the flute performance "birds", and the burning of the harmony piano string start the fantastic fairy tale journey. The children express their joy with the beating notes.

After three years of development, poly and music art center has opened 8 projects in China, and poly and Music Youth Art Festival has been held for four consecutive times, from the community stage in the campus, to the professional performance stage theater, to the art holy land of the piano stage theater, and the upgrading of the stage, which is the children's ever-increasing artistic dream. The music band "Qilixiang" table Play. The Chinese Orchestra "Edelweiss" and "farewell" performed.

Art is the aggregation of spiritual beauty, the softness and strength of dance, the melodiousness and elegance of instrumental music, the rhythm and flexibility of vocal music, the color and creativity of art. It gives people full-bodied aesthetic pleasure through sensory feeling. The third anniversary honorary Students Award and music let art integrate into life, thinking and soul, and provide children with the ability to learn art, enjoy art and show art Holy land, let every teenager's dream bloom.
From harmony to the world
Synchronize with the world on the art stage