Where to go in winter vacation? Paulie and Le Singapore travel school winter camp!
Hele education | 2019-10-29
Heavy! Pounds! Officer! Xuan! 2020 poly and happy camp, winter camp [Singapore] tour, officially launched! My friends come to sign up!!!Pauli and LeLe chose Singapore for this period of study tour, just because this country is safe, civilized, modest and dynamic, with leading education, diverse culture and high degree of civilization. Here we can experience the international education atmosphere, cultivate international vision, witness the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and visit the theme park of historical and natural pleasure.Singapore attaches great importance to quality education, which attaches great importance to children's problem-solving ability

During this trip to Singapore, "English" and "science and technology" are key study tours to create a pure language environment and  real life experience of studying abroad for children, inspire them to study and think spontaneously, and learn to find problems and solve problems during the trip.This time, we will go to a world-renowned school with great influence to study in class, experience the profound culture and learning atmosphere here, inspire children to think about future growth plan, enjoy the most fun theme park in Asia, contact with nature and animal and plant paradise, understand the history and culture of Asia, and fully open children's international vision.

A list of highlights of poly and happy study tour

1. Experience the charm of the city in depth on the journey of natural science exploration

We will visit the famous scenic spots with Singapore's history, such as Merlion Park, to have a deep understanding of Singapore's historical and cultural changes, and to learn and understand through teaching and pleasure.We will go to the Jinsha art and Science Museum in Singapore, which is the world's first museum combining science and art. We will also explore the waterfront bay garden lighting show at night to experience the super shocking visual feast.

2. Visit world-class universities and experience the life of world famous universities

We will enter the world-class top universities with the most reputation and influence in Asia - National University of Singapore and Nanyang University of technology of Singapore, go deep into the teaching area and living area, and experience the study and life of the world-class universities.We will also arrange a sharing meeting to invite outstanding students from Nanyang University of science and technology / National University to share their growth process, as well as their study and life experience in top international universities.

3. Full immersion English environment, experience pure overseas life

We will try our best to let our children experience the real life in Singapore, create a pure spoken English environment, simulate the living conditions of overseas students, and let them learn to live and get along with their peers in overseas life.

4. Enjoy the most wonderful theme park in Asia

Universal Studios Singapore is the most wonderful comprehensive entertainment theme park in Asia. Of the 24 attractions and projects of Universal Studios, 18 are specially designed for Singapore. They are unique in the world, including science fiction movie series Battlestar, a 42.5-meter-high double track roller coaster, and the future water world theater with 3500 audience seats and the largest seats in the world.Every project is the favorite of children. Let them play and laugh heartily here. This is a part of childhood.

5. Pre trip training class, acquire knowledge reserve in advance
In order to enable children to integrate into this study tour in the best condition, we specially designed a pre trip training course, so that they can fully understand the knowledge points we will touch during the trip to Singapore, and obtain the corresponding knowledge reserve in advance.

A list of the itinerary of he le's study tour

DAY 01

[flying to Singapore] the counselor will guide and explain the entry and exit process, and the parent-child cooperation will complete the mapping task;

DAY 02

In the morning [opening ceremony] tutor meeting; visiting [Singapore National Museum] to enter the bilingual scene class to learn more about Singapore's history and culture; in the afternoon, punch [Binhai Bay Garden] to complete the research tasks of "natural plants" and "earth laboratory"; in the evening, enjoy [Binhai bay garden lighting show];

DAY 03

In the morning, I went to [International School] to experience the learning life of the students taking part in classes; in the afternoon, I visited [National University of Singapore] and [Nanyang University of technology of Singapore] to listen to the teachers and students sharing the learning and life experience of the top international universities;

DAY 04

In the morning, I visited [Singapore Science Center] to experience interesting science projects; in the afternoon, I visited [Xinsheng water plant], [Binhai dam - Singapore sustainable exhibition hall] to participate in the course of natural ecology and environmental protection and complete the task of project creation; in the evening, I visited [Ferris wheel] to enjoy the most beautiful night view in Singapore;

DAY 05

Complete the "time planning ability training" and arrive at Universal Studios to enjoy parent-child time; enjoy the water show performance of "wings of time"; attend the swimsuit party in the evening - [beach closing ceremony];

DAY 06

Clock in [Changi Airport] natural oasis course in the morning; return in the afternoon;