The fourth anniversary of harmony, four years of hard work, building a dream of the future!
Hele education | 2019-11-05

This is a garden full of hope,

The seeds of dreams take root here;

This is a field that moistens the rain and dew,

Young seedlings grow here;

This is a blue and peaceful harbor,

The ship of hope set sail here!

This is Poly Hele education.

2019 is Poly Hele education

The fourth spring and Autumn period,

Looking back on these four years of struggle:

From 3 to 1000 people,

From taking root in Wuhan to laying out 64 cities in China,

From the opening of the park to 10000 students,

From community supporting to city level operation

Every one of them sticks to their original intention with faith,

With struggle to practice the mission!

Today is Poly Hele  education is a pioneering four years. Relying on the platform advantages and resources in various fields of Poly Group, a state-owned enterprise, hele education's business area expanded rapidly in just four years, and in 2019, it has formed the planning layout of six major economic circle businesses nationwide. There are more than 150 contracted projects in China, including more than 130 kindergartens, 25 art centers, and 2 international schools, which are distributed in 64 cities in 22 provinces. At present, there are 50 projects in operation. Baoli harmony education has opened up a new world in the field of children's education by opening up a new pattern and a new cause.

This is the four years of never forgetting the first thought. Preschool education is a great cause, which is related to the interests of thousands of families, the future of the nation and the rise and fall of the country. In the past four years, it has been harmony and happiness to be a warm and high-quality education, and we have adhered to the same sincere original intention. It integrates the most advanced international education concepts, focusing on the potential development, wisdom enlightenment, art training, camp and international education of young children. Hele education has been striving to provide high-quality and all-round training support for the growth of young children.

In a short period of four years, hele education has developed into a full education product system integrating poly and LeLe parent-child center, poly and LeLe kindergarten, poly and LeLe Art Center, poly and Le Huamei international school, poly and Le camp. Up to now, the total number of students in various projects across the country has reached 10000. Hele education never forgets its original intention. It has realized the development plan with community as the position, children as the center and family as the carrier, as well as the leaping development of education ecosystem with multi parks, multi formats and multi brands interaction!

This is a fruitful four years. In the past four years, hele education has been adhering to the spirit of "hard work, happy practice and perseverance". Under the standardized management standard, every hele person has been down-to-earth in every step, supported and supported by children and parents with hard work and strong strength. It won the honors of the 9th Xinhua Education Forum "2018 influence education group" and "vice president of the 5th council of Hubei private kindergarten professional committee", and won wide praise and recognition in the industry. In terms of foreign cooperation, hele education has reached a strategic alliance with a number of well-known educational institutions and institutions at home and abroad. In the past four years, it has successfully signed contracts with the International Chopin Association, Zhujiang Piano Group, UCO University Conservatory of music in the United States, feyersolai Conservatory of music in Italy and its branches, which marks a new level of poly harmony education in international resource sharing and cooperation!

It's four years of courageous mission. As an educational enterprise with a sense of responsibility for cultural heritage and a sense of mission for national rejuvenation, he le education regards "the future of Chinese music education of rites and music" as its educational mission, and puts forward "National Education Brand Revitalization Plan". Through the development of "ritual and music culture" Demonstration Courses, the development of activities such as telling Chinese stories, the transmission of the light of Chinese ritual and music culture, we are committed to building a national education brand that is in the leading position in the industry, can support the national brand image and has national influence.

Four years to forge ahead, witness the wind and rain of yesterday; four years to build a dream, looking forward to tomorrow's brilliant! Four years of harvest, and music education with action to fulfill the promise, hold up the dream of one child; four years of youth, and music education is ushering in a new starting point of development, the future will be full of infinite possibilities! Happy upbringing, harmony and prosperity of China! In the future, poly and music education will strive to respond to the call of the times and the country, go with the times, and open a new era of children's dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!