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Hele education | 2019-01-05

As an emerging educational brand in the “immoving production circle” of Poly Development, Poly and Music Education was born in the ten years of real estate gold, and the city has entered a new era of “longitudinal quality” from “horizontal scale” development. In just two years, with clear strategic planning, orderly promotion of mixed reforms, and integration of resources, we have cultivated a socially-recognized and market-recognized sign in the field of education, and become an important brand in the field of art education in Poly Group. support. Let's take a look at the road of cultivating and exploring "Hele Education".

Keen grasp the development opportunities ]

In recent years, Poly Development (formerly Poly Real Estate) in the rapid market expansion, keenly found that the domestic art training institutions market demand surge, the quality of art resources is scarce, the market is blue ocean, and the company's real estate development has covered 60 of the country In the mainstream city, nearly 500 communities, with over 3 million owners, the brand “Poly and Music Education” came into being.

Through the integration of the influence and idle resources of Poly Development in the real estate field, the first art and training center in the community, the first Poly & Music Art Center (formerly known as Poly and Le Youth Palace) in Wuhan, to create a one-stop art training for the community. Institutions and domestic market giants seized the "last mile" of art training.

In the market exploration, the company is keenly aware of the desire of Chinese parents for the education of high-quality resources, while the education industry has low barriers to entry, market supervision needs to be strengthened, and industry standards and core competitiveness are insufficiently constructed. Although many private education enterprises in China have certain influence in the country, they have insufficient bearing on the educational strength and international influence of the nation and the country. In order to meet the needs of parents' quality education, “Poly and Music Education” seizes this opportunity and is committed to building a national education brand that can carry the integration from pre-school education to international education.

With the strategic layout and rapid implementation in the past three years, Poly and Music Education has developed into a business of training and enlightenment for young children , and is committed to providing a one-stop comprehensive quality education platform for young children aged 0-18 . The company's business products cover kindergartens, art training, international schools, camp education, and childcare centers. It has developed in the country's 22 provinces and 58 cities, forming six major regions covering the Northeast, North China, Central China, South China, Southwest China and East China 124 schools and music kindergartens, 1 international school, 26 art training centers.

Mixed change into the market vitality ]

As an education investment company controlled by state-owned capital, Poly and Music Education implements mixed ownership reform in the Poly system. By introducing diversified capital and market-oriented operating mechanism, it stimulates the vitality of state-owned enterprises, revitalizes resource efficiency in the Poly system, and enhances state-owned capital. response rate.

In terms of resource cooperation, four or two will allocate a lot of resources to amplify resources with resources. Through holding, we will open resources cooperation with other resource partners to achieve scale effect quickly. In the company's top-level design, the implementation of equity mix, borrowed from the sea. Introduced two highly qualified enterprises in Guangdong Huamei International Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Bond Culture Development Co., Ltd. “Poly and Music Education” borrows the other's international resources and channels to quickly improve its own business segment. In 2017 , we took advantage of the 20- year international education of “Huamei International” and successfully expanded the management rights of Taiyuan International School to realize the flowering outside the wall. The introduction of external shareholders has also injected vitality into the decision-making and management mechanism of Hele Market.

Integrated resource empowerment brand ]

2018 Nian 6 Yue 24- Ri

Hongshan Auditorium, Wuhan, Hubei Province, sponsored by China Internet News Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology China Story Creative Communication Research Center, Poly and Music Education, China Youth Ritual Culture Communication Summit Forum and National Education Brand Revitalization Plan, Poly and Music Education was awarded the "Ministry of Education for Major Issues to Talk about the Chinese Story Education Practice Base" and alliances with the top ten institutions of higher education such as Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan University of Technology, and Henan Normal University, and officially established the teaching and art colleges. Oriented personnel training and export mechanism, hiring talents from professional channels, and ensuring the reserve of teachers.

The vision of Poly and Music lies in education, but it is not limited to education. In the footsteps of Poly's diversified and beautiful life, there are also Poly and Music.

Midsummer 2018

Poly and Music Education, together with the annual music and music industry, combines the elements of nature, art and camp to carry out “art + camp” activities including Chopin International Music Festival, parent-child development, and master art courses .

2018 Nian 8 Yue 21 Ri

With the national platform of “He Le China”, Poly and Music Education successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the International Chopin Association, which will cooperate extensively in the field of youth music education and will jointly promote the Austrian 40th Chopin Music Festival. With China as the guest country, it will promote the first China Chopin Piano Competition in 2019 , the first (China) Youth European Music Tour Summer Camp, and promote the Austrian Prima Musica (“Music World”) event to China and will be in China. Many cities host piano master concerts, Chopin Piano Competition winners concerts, Chopin International Forum, and association musicians to the Harmony International Art Center to exchange teaching and other activities.

2018 Nian 11 Yue

Poly and Music Education, Poly Real Estate and Zhujiang Piano Group signed a signing ceremony. This time, together with the well-known Chinese cultural enterprise Zhujiang Piano Group, they will integrate their respective advantageous resources in cultural events such as art events, concerts, children's art education and training. The sector carries out strategic cooperation to jointly promote the development of the art and culture industry.

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