Poly Group Builds Platform to Promote the Development of Art Education
Hele education | 2019-02-20
Unique voice training, relaxed and active teaching atmosphere, professional and responsible tutor team... Last July, Poly Group joined hands with Cincinnati Conservatory of Music to open a workshop for masters of music and drama in Beijing. After a 10-day study, a musical and theatrical performance in which all the students participated won the heartfelt admiration of John Martin, Vice President of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. "I am amazed at the musical talent of Chinese students, and I am happy with the development of Chinese musical career in recent years!"

"WeDo" Music and Drama Master Workshop is a microcosm of Poly Group's exploration of innovation and development of art education. In recent years, in the process of contacting the art education market, Poly Group has been keenly capturing the growing demand of domestic families for art education and training. Through building art education platforms and building international communication bridges, Poly Group is committed to transforming art education from "luxury goods" to "necessities" and using art education to light up the road of juvenile Art growth.

Brand building into community

Training Office at Home

300 children from 28 cities in China participate with their parents to integrate thematic elements such as nature, humanities, art and so on. Last August, the 10th "Harmony China" event held the "International Chopin Music Festival and Harmony China Natural Art Summer Camp" in Hulunbeir, Inner Mongolia. For the first time, the Chopin International Music Festival was introduced into China, and the parent-child activities were combined with art education. A group of "Art + Camp" activities left good memories for parents and children participating in the summer camp.

"The cultivation of young people's healthy personality is inseparable from the long-term cultivation of their artistic accomplishment." The head of Paulie's "Hele China" said that the "Hele China" activities witnessed the growth of groups of children. What we are practicing is to strive to create a link between youth and art, so that more teenagers can feel the charm of art, and have a sound personality in the edification of rich art education activities.

It is understood that since the first event held in 2009, the "Hele China" project has integrated the high-end art resources of Poly Group, and has frequently linked up with Poly Art Education Investment Co., Ltd., Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd., Poly and Le Education Co., Ltd. It has also cooperated with a number of domestic and foreign art universities, international well-known art competitions, and Chinese and foreign art expert teams, for example, quotation. Entering the EU Youth Symphony Arts Festival and so on, we will continue to promote the development of youth art education industry.

How to make the palace of art close? Pauli gave his own path of practice - into the community, close to the family. Relying on its own real estate development resources covering 60 cities and nearly 500 communities in the country, Poly tried to lay out art training institutions in the community. From March 2016, when the first Poly and Le Art Center was opened in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and the step of building one-stop community art training institutes has been started, Poly has formed a comprehensive quality education platform covering art training, camp education, nursery centers and other fields, which radiates nearly 60 cities across the country and runs art training in communities and at home.

"Adhering to the original intention of building a dream of childhood with culture and brightening the future with art, Pauli let art into the community, hoping to use the"art classroom at home"to enhance the aesthetic and humanistic qualities of adolescents and create a broad stage for more children to grow up in art.” Pauli said.

Pull-up Bridge

Come in, Master Musician

"I didn't expect to have the opportunity to come to Andersen's hometown, let alone perform in front of so many people!" In August 2018, at the Andersen Culture and Art Festival in Odense, Denmark, the Paulie WeDo Music Theatre Troupe was invited to perform the musical Nightingale at the official invitation of the festival, which attracted the attention of many audience.

Also in August 2018, the Pauli WeDo International Summer Camp for Culture and Music opened in Gubei Water Town, Beijing. Music masters at home and abroad gathered together with more than 120 campers. In the meantime, the camp not only held many concerts for teachers and campers, but also organized campers to hold special concerts with famous musicians in Beijing Poly Theatre.

To do a good job of art education, we should not only go out, but also introduce it. "Today, the WeDo project has become Pauli's"star brand"in cultural and artistic education and communication. It has established chamber orchestras, choirs, musical and theatrical performances and other groups, which not only provide professional music education for children, but also create a large number of opportunities for overseas visits, exchanges and performances to help children realize their aspirations to grow up on the stage and around the master." According to the relevant person in charge of Poly, in 2018, Poly launched the National Youth Art and Culture Development Plan, focusing on building an international art and culture exchange platform, forming the world's top art teachers team, and fostering a high-quality comprehensive art education industry.

In 2018, Pauli signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the International Chopin Association to promote the first Chinese Chopin Piano Competition in 2019, the first (China) Youth European Music Tour Summer Camp and other activities, and plans to hold piano master concerts and Chopin Piano Competition winners'concerts in many cities in China this year.

Platform for Cooperation

Activating Power of Industrial Development

In March 2018, Poly Art Education Investment Company was established in Beijing. It has become an important subject for Poly Group to realize business linkage and innovation in the field of art education. At the same time, it relies on its own superior resources in the fields of culture and art, real estate development, international cooperation and exchange.