Today I'll take you to PolyHele, a very beautiful kindergarten in China.
Hele education | 2019-03-10
For a family, children are the hope of the future of the family, a good educational environment for children, how many parents are the driving force for unremitting struggle, and the beginning of a better future is to choose a good kindergarten.

The high-quality kindergarten built by PolyHele has become the object of learning and imitation for a time. What are the unique features of Poly and Le kindergartens? With this problem, the author conducted a field visit.

Construction of Humanized Environment to Create a Green and Healthy Growing World

Entering Hele kindergarten, the first feeling is spacious, bright and transparent. Two-storey single-storey buildings, warm white exterior walls, create more interactive space for children. Stairs and slides go up side by side. Books and picture books are scattered in every carefully arranged small space, as if children can read on the ground. Every appropriate detail is just for children to enjoy the innocent age between exploration and play, and to build a good childhood here.

Along the winding Flagstone road, the green trees are shaded and the vision is bright. Sports playgrounds, sand-water planting areas and playgrounds have formed a high-level, high-quality and humanized campus environment system, which can develop physical fitness and enhance physical fitness while at the same time being in close contact with nature.

More beautiful scenery is still behind, spacious and bright sunshine classroom, with multi-functional classrooms including dance room, vocal music room, art room, library, living room, etc., the humanized interior design surprises the author. It can be seen that Hele strictly controls every inch of space from the aspects of Engineering quality, material selection, children's safety scale, design aesthetics and so on.

Walking into the corridor, stairwell and other public areas, compared with the original wooden style teaching environment, the use of relatively high color saturation, only to know that this is in accordance with the law of children's color psychology, a reasonable combination of the park's spatial color, the purpose is to enhance the spatial publicity and direction guidance, but also conducive to the cultivation of children's rich emotions. At the same time, the round corner design everywhere in the park shows that Hele has made great efforts in protecting children's safety.

In addition, Poly and Le take product safety as the core, high-quality, comfortable and practical as the starting point, carefully select suppliers according to customized requirements, adopt the basic supporting facilities most in line with the day-to-day management of kindergartens, all toy suppliers in the park hold China's national compulsory product certification brand, the products are European-level, safe and environmentally friendly, and have quality to depend on.

Standing in the perspective of a professional, the first feeling: such an environment, you can work here every day will be in a good mood, not to mention the face of innocent children's smiles.

Character Development Education, Respect for Children's Nature and Growth Law

Different educational concepts ultimately lead to different educational outcomes, because they shoulder lofty ideals and responsibilities, Poly and Le education has established the educational principles based on the cultivation of children's healthy physique, the cultivation of children's good character, and the elegance of artistic sentiment, taking physique building, character cultivation, ritual and music culture/world art as the core content of education.

Hele kindergarten is also very different from other kindergartens in terms of curriculum. Through contacts with teachers in the park, we understand the educational mode and characteristic curriculum design of Hele kindergarten.  At the same time, according to the goal of "people-oriented, three-dimensional interaction, and happy growth", Poly and Le kindergartens offer different courses for children, parents and teachers, and cooperate with each other to grow up together.

After visiting Hele kindergarten, the greatest feeling is that Hele is a learner community. As a leader of children's learning, teachers and parents should become lifelong learners. Swedish educator Alan Kay once said: "Environment plays a very important role in a person's growth. A good environment is the basis for children to form correct ideas and excellent personality."

The author believes that in such an international kindergarten, more small citizens with international feelings can be cultivated.