The 2018 PolyHele Annual Festival - Successful PolyHele Garden Station
Hele education | 2018-12-31

2018 PolyHele Winter Show. Another beautiful end of the year concert at PIA Poly Garden.

This Christmas and YuanDan Festival performance tradition has been going on for many years already. A tradition dedicated to give kids joy and laughter at the end of the year through the power of arts.  Music, dance, acting and art specialties have collaborated to bring true life and heart to the performance this year. 

Even Santa Santa showed up to greet our students and give them awards. Besides beautiful student performances and getting their "outstanding" student awards, we were happy to also show teacher performances as part of the shows. There were several teacher performance collaborations and inter arts collaborations. As part of our tradition, we are always happy to have our students perform side by side with professionals. This year again the "Monday 7" Jazz Band performed at Poly Garden Community. 

For sure a beautiful way to end 2018 year. 

Thanks to all our Polyhele and IPAC Community for making this year a memorable one. 

Happy New 2019 Year to all our friends, family and Community.