Review of 2018 and Vision For 2019
Hele education | 2019-01-18

Over the past three years, Polyhele has stayed true to the original mission with perseverance and striving ,having undergone great development at a high speed.In 2016,we have finished the construction of company ‘ s basic organizational structure and established the development layout over the whole country. In 2017, we have realized the setting up of standards , the improvement of surveillance and the breakthrough of nationalization from nothing to something .

Headquartered in Wuhan with branches throughout the country , Polyhele is striving hard for it’s brand image of a national education enterprise in light of the mission of spreading enjoyable education and arts all over China where rites and arts are emphasized.

On 14th, January 2019,Polyhele convened the conference for work arrangement of 2019 with the theme of “Missions Must be Reached if Staying True to Them” in Wuhan Hetian Hotel. Attendees are leaders from Wuhan headquarter and regional branches , managers of functional centers, and principals of the kindergartens and arts centers.

The conference has been divided into four parts.

1. Managers of regional functional centers, and principals of the regional kindergartens and arts centre reported 2018’ s performance of works as well as the plans and goals for 2019.

2. The function center of Wuhan headquarter summarized the annual work and made plans for 2019.

3. The leaders of Wuhan headquarter issued the work arrangement of 2019 after the report of 2018’ work of the whole company.

4.  The agreements of goal responsibility were released prior to the prize presentation for outstanding units, individuals, and employees who have worked in the company for three years.

To the beginning, the general manager Zhu Zhaoming of the regional companies in Hubei reported the operating condition of 2018. She pointed out that Hubei companies have developed stably and have fulfilled the basic index of expanding companies , opening kindergartens and arts centers, and earning income and profits centered on the work goal of “Strengthening expansion, enrollment and operation ”.   Breakthroughs in different fields have been realized in 2018 since many units of the company grew out from nothing. We will further blossom each unit of the company by overcoming the new challenges in 2019 with the spirit of Hele(unity and happiness ).

The general manager Zhu Zhaomin of Hubei company was making the annual summary

Deepening the implementation of Hele spirit(unity and happiness ), we will spare no efforts and pull out all stops.”

Managers of regional functional centers, and principals of the regional kindergartens and arts centre reported 2018’ s performance of works as well as the plans and goals for 2019.  The speeches of them injected the confidence to every worker of our company with great expectation for the new year.

Respect to each Polyhele worker!

Confidence in the development of Polyhele!

Moments cut

“We will reach the missions by staying true to them. We are the leading roles who implement the spirit of Polyhele. ” The vice-general president of Poly Hele Education. Zhen Bing summarized that the company has carried out the work by centering on “the establishment of brand image, the improvement of product value and the stability of operation and management ”, through which the operational projects and registered source of students of the company has doubled, the product system of kindergarten and arts centre has been established, the operating control of projects has stabled and the operation of each function unit has been supported by the headquarter.

In 2019,”Excellence of business, sophistication of expansion and operation, control of cost and enhancement of contents ” as the central goal, the company will balance the development of scale and operation of regional businesses, pick up the best kindergartens and arts centre to open, grasp more channels of higher standard, detail the operation of projects to improve efficiency, put revenue under tight control to optimize the criterion of investment, and improve the contents construction of each business to lay a solid foundation.

In 2019, we will waste no time to work hand in hand to create a wonderful future of the company with the spirit of “Reaching the missions anyway.”

In the end, the general manager of Poly Hele Education Wu Yulan made a summarizing speech, complimenting the work of the whole staff and making a clear orientation of company’s work by issuing the strategic deployment. Mrs hu said that all workers must implement thoroughly the spirit of reaching missions by proposing a radical approach to the goal.

In the future , we will still unite as one, exert ourselves to advance, explore and innovate, never giving up working hard and never stopping our steps.

The general manager of Poly Hele Education Wu lanyu

The most exciting part of the conference was the release of agreements of operational goal responsibility of each regional kindergarten and arts center. At the same time, prizes are presented to the outstanding units, individuals, and employees who have worked in the company for three years.

Looking back to the year of 2018, polyhele workers have forged ahead. Looking forward to 2019,  we will stay true to the missions and achieve them. Let’s grasp the chance of development and welcome the new year with confidence and bravery in big strides.