Poly Hele Education "Sports Health Month" Successfully
Hele education | 2018-11-30

In the order of all things, human beings have their position; in the order of life, childhood has its position. Adults should be regarded as adults and children as children.

——Rousseau's Emile

In Rousseau's concept of education, at every stage of life, there is its own perfection, has its own unique state of maturity. Talking about physical strength for children and rationality for adults is the natural order. Because for young children, their age is in a rational sleep period, they can not carry out straightforward and too much moral education and knowledge education, physical training - sports, running, shouting and constant activity is the best way to educate them. At the same time, the process of physical training will not let children see other people's educational intentions on them, but can better let them carry out self-education, and combine the body and mind to help themselves grow.

Since its inception, Poly and Le education has regarded physical education as one of the important characteristics of education, and hope to cultivate children's core personality through physical education, which is a natural way of education. Based on this, in the past November, Poly and Le Education launched the "Sports Health Month" activities in major kindergartens across the country.

Strengthen your physique, starting with exercise
Physical education, as one of the characteristic courses of Poly and Le education, helps young children to develop self-care ability, self-protection ability, civilized behavior habits and adapt to collective life, and helps them to shape good habits and core personality. This "Sports Health Month" activity focuses on the physical health training of children. According to the characteristics of children's physical development stage, it chooses suitable content for children's physical exercise, organizes effective sports links, and successively carries out "Happy Morning Exercise, Mengwa PK", "Co-discussion, Co-growth", parent-child sports meeting "Happy Autumn", and "Small Body, Big Energy". Physical testing and other four thematic activities not only stimulate children's interest in health and sports, but also help them improve their physical coordination ability and master basic sports skills through a strong fitness atmosphere.

Combining teaching with pleasure and mastering basic sports skills

Poly and Le Physical Education Courses advocate "healthy body and mind" in happy sports, accumulate "healthy experience" in multiple learning, and sow "healthy behavior" in their own lives. At the same time, the "Sports Health Month" also uses the "Children, Teachers and Parents" music teaching method to create an atmosphere of "I exercise, I am healthy and I am happy" to help children master basic sports skills in happiness and learn to grow up.

Hele Morning Exercise, Mengwa PK

On the premise of reasonable and effective control of children's exercise, combining sports games with physical training, scientifically arranging exercises, reasonably grasping the structure of exercises, and cooperating with complete music of exercises are not only scientific and normative, but also more flexible, and the intensity and density are suitable for children's whole body exercise. In the selection and application of equipment, the need of children's movement development, as well as the safety and versatility of equipment are fully considered. Activities not only fully mobilize children's strong interest and enthusiasm in participating in sports, but also effectively enhance their sports ability.

Teaching and Research on "Discussing Together and Growing Together"

Starting from the healthy growth of children, Hele teachers actively discuss and understand the basic requirements of the exercise arrangement, which not only demonstrates the innovation and wisdom of teachers in arranging morning exercises, but also further standardizes the scientificity and interest of teachers in arranging morning exercises, which is the key to the success of "Sports Health Month".

"Small body, big energy" body measurement

In the testing activities, each kindergarten classes as units, and according to the different age stages of young children in advance to develop the physical fitness test standards for young children, in order to achieve objective, fair and accurate understanding of each child's physical fitness as far as possible when testing children's ability to meet the standards. Through this physical fitness test, teachers have a better understanding of the children's various sports abilities, and through the discovery of problems, it is convenient to find the best entry point to improve children's physical fitness in the future, and help children grow up healthily.

The Parent-Child Sports Meeting of "Yue Moving Golden Autumn"

Children's spirit of active participation and hard work in the sports field is the most beautiful scenery in the games. In the way of "family sports", the games have created a platform for parent-child interaction. Children, teachers and parents work together to make the "Sports Health Month" reach its climax. At the same time, Paulie and Le built a platform for the interaction between kindergartens in Hele and built a happy bridge for promoting the connection and communication between homes. We look forward to raising the climax of family sports in the form of parent-child games, strengthening the awareness of sports and health, so as to promote the harmonious and healthy development of children and parents.

Strengthen Physical Education to Promote Children's Personality Development

As early as 1919, Mr. Cai Yuanpei, a great educator in China, put forward the educational idea of "complete personality, first in sports". In the eyes of educators, sports, as the most important thing in sports, can not only strengthen physical fitness, but also adjust emotions and strong will, which is the best way of personality education. Poly and Le education through the implementation of physical education, help children harvest happiness and friendship, complete self-realization and transcendence, better cope with the future of life, is Poly and Le education to show the characteristics of physical education.