Poly International Art Center Wuhan Campus officially opened
Hele education | 2018-09-22
On September 22, the Wuhan Campus of Poly and Le International Art Center was established in Hongshan District of Wuhan. From "New Front" to "National Strategic Center City", from urban construction to Renaissance, Wuhan, dubbed "Oriental Chicago", is shaking every one of us at a "different pace of development every day." In the hearts of all, it is already a city of charm, opportunity and hope.

At 09:00 a.m. on September 22, 2018, facing the happy atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Paulie carries the initiative of the development of Paulie and Happy Education to "build a national education brand", carries out the brand vision of "good life peers" after the upgrading of Paulie's development strategy, and jointly develops Paulie and Happy Education to successfully tap the PALACE-LEVEL art platform-Paulie. Hele International Art Center.

The opening ceremony of Poly and Le International Art Center shocked the opening of the passionate populist performances of Chinese music. A song of Dragon and Tiger Leap was magnificent and graceful. It not only displayed the solemn and magnificent scene atmosphere of "Great Dream China, Art Future", but also conveyed Poly and Le International Art Center's "Rite and Music China, Music and Education Previous". The educational concept of "Lai" stands on the basis of culture and art, carries forward the Chinese nation's culture and promotes the development of national culture and art education.

From Poly Real Estate to Poly Development, the heart remained unchanged at the beginning of 26 years. At the opening ceremony, Yang Haibo, general manager of Poly Development Wuhan Company, said that Poly and Le International Art Center, as the first brand landing event after the strategic upgrading of Poly Group, fully confirmed the determination of Poly Development and its colleagues in a better life.

Real estate integration education, education empowerment real estate. Pauli development will go hand in hand with Pauli and Le education, and help Wuhan's urban development with art and culture. Hand in hand to lead the quality of urban human settlements, open up a more colorful and beautiful new life of Wuhan city spirit, and create a better future of greater Wuhan with more elegance and details.

Yang Haibo also said that as a one-stop art exhibition, learning and exchange platform, Poly and Le International Art Center will continue to strive to build a national youth art and culture development plan and help realize the dream of education in a big country, the dream of the urban era and the dream of individual art.

Poly and Le International Art Center, as a new milestone in the development of Poly and urban diversification, will open a new door to the development of Wuhan's culture and art.

Poly and Music Education, together with Wuhan Conservatory of Music, China Academy of Fine Arts and Wuhan Qintai Theatre, launched the strategic alliance of the National Youth Art and Culture Development Plan, and signed the letter of intent for strategic cooperation with the leaders of Hele Education Group, Masters, Universities and Qintai Theatre. Link up resources and cooperate strongly. With the consensus of "paying attention to the art growth of teenagers and children and helping every child realize his artistic dream", we will work hand in hand with a better life!

Six representatives of the Masters of the Art Center made public appearances and accepted the worship ceremony of the students who opened the door. On the road of art, Paulie and Le International Art Center will join hands with seven international authoritative art masters and 19 professional art teachers to create six Harmonious Angel Art Troupes. Through the international first-class teacher team, standardized curriculum system and professional quality of the art display platform, accompany every child and happy growth, cultivate them to become the cultural herald of ritual and music culture and the cultural envoy of international exchanges in the city.

The Music Art Theme Hall debuted for the first time, and the International Chopin Association's only official partner in China was unveiled. Pauli and Le International Art Center will provide children with a broad stage and opportunity to show their talents and help them realize their dream of art.

Pauli and Le International Art Center's three-day opening art experience activities are uninterrupted. Off-site master concerts, on-site all-weather panda painting exhibitions, classic children's dramas and moon cakes DIY are parallel, making the Mid-Autumn Festival more colorful and surprising under the influence of the artistic atmosphere.

Create a "dream land" of colorful and artistic dreams, and provide a stage for everyone who has dreams.

The first show of the classical children's Drama Theatre for artistic talents will introduce classical children's drama in the form of "weekend children's drama" in the future, as a regular program of the venue small theatre, to export creative stories to young children.

5800_Large-scale venues, covering 30 teaching spaces such as instrumental music, dance, fine arts, vocal music, piano, and set up seven functional rooms such as rehearsal room, theatre, dressing room, recording studio, picture gallery, master workshop, ensemble room, one-stop "exhibition + performance + learning" three space combination of art learning and exchange interactive platform. To pave the way for the growth of Hele Angel art.

Based in Wuhan, facing the world, focusing on art, gathering masters, presenting classics. Pauli and Le International Art Center blossom, ushering in the new hope and dream of Wuhan urban art and culture development. The dream of education in a big country, the dream of the urban age and the dream of individual art will set sail at this point, and the future is promising.