Notice on strengthening winter security work in primary and secondary schools (kindergartens)
Hele education | 2018-12-05
In order to strengthen the winter safety management of primary and secondary schools (kindergartens), the Office of the State Council Education Steering Committee recently issued the "Notice on Strengthening Winter Safety in Primary and Secondary Schools (Kindergartens)", requiring local education administrations and schools to attach great importance to and deeply absorb recent school safety accidents. Lessons, quickly investigate the hidden dangers of schools and surrounding areas, combine the characteristics of winter and year-end, put various unsafe factors into the scope of prevention and control, focus on weak links and outstanding problems, pay special attention to prevent social conflicts and cause school safety accidents, and effectively maintain school safety. Harmony and stability, to ensure student safety.
The notice requires that local education administrative departments and schools should strengthen the construction of school security support facilities and personnel, further improve the department linkage mechanism, implement supervision duties, form work synergies, increase the comprehensive rectification of schools, and set up safety in key sections and waters. Warning signs, safety barriers and fences will be set up to detect dangerous situations in a timely manner and strive to eliminate potential safety hazards. Pay close attention to disaster warning information, notify students in a timely manner, remind them to take precautions, keep close contact with homes and schools, strengthen school bus management, and ensure that students leave school and return home safely.

The notice pointed out that the local education administrative departments and schools should ensure that necessary heating materials are prepared to ensure that all school heating equipment in the winter heating area is functioning properly, and that teachers and students are warm enough to survive the winter. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers of heating safety to prevent gas poisoning. It is necessary to conduct in-depth investigations on fire hazards and take effective measures to rectify the hidden dangers discovered. Make sure that the fire protection equipment is in good condition. It is necessary to strengthen the regular inspection of special equipment such as boilers, and strengthen the fire management of areas where flammable and explosive materials are concentrated in laboratories, corridors, etc.

The notice stressed that local education administrative departments and schools should pay close attention to the epidemic situation of infectious diseases in winter, strengthen respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza, and prevent and control intestinal infectious diseases mainly based on hand, foot and mouth disease. It is necessary to strictly implement laws and regulations related to food safety, conscientiously organize daily self-examination and regular inspection of food safety in school canteens, focus on checking the health status of school canteens, and timely discover problems in food safety management to eliminate potential safety hazards. It is necessary to strengthen the implementation of the system, strengthen supervision and management, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of food poisoning incidents to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students.

The notice also stressed that local education administrative departments and schools should strengthen the mental health education of students and resolutely prevent suicides or injuries caused by psychological barriers. It is necessary to conscientiously carry out the mental health status of students, focusing on the psychological counseling of students from poor families, students with learning difficulties, students with emotional confusion, students with abnormal words and deeds, students from middle and high schools, children left behind, children from migrant workers, and single-parent families. Consultation work to help them resolve psychological stress and overcome psychological barriers. At the same time, we must actively carry out mental health education and publicity activities, strengthen life education, help students correctly understand life, respect life, cherish life and protect life.