Poly Hele Education (Guangzhou) signed a strategic partnership with the children's circle to create a children's STEAM education platform
Hele education | 2018-11-20
n October 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the ninth collective study on the status quo and trend of artificial intelligence development: "Strengthen the deep application of artificial intelligence in the fields of education, health care, sports, housing, etc., and further promote the new generation of artificial labor in China. The healthy development of intelligence has further promoted the in-depth development of China's maker education.

As a preschool education brand under the Central Enterprise, Poly and Music Education has always forgotten its sense of social responsibility and mission in its development and has been striving to promote the development of education in China. In response to the country's policy of cultivating more creative talents, more children will accept the internationalized STEAM education concept, cultivate children's innovative thinking, inspire children's germination, and expand the influence of Poly and music education in the industry. Poly Poly Music Education and Guangzhou Children's Education Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Child Education Circle) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement on November 20, 2018. Based on this strategic cooperation, the two sides will cooperate on the small-creative STEAM course of the childhood education circle, the journal of Modern Parenting, and the guidance of well-known preschool education experts from South China Normal University. Poly and Music Education and the children's circle hope to achieve their new advantages through a strong alliance and their respective professional advantages.

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the two parties was held in Guangzhou Poly Tianyue Sales Center. Wang Kai, general manager of Poly and Music Education Guangzhou, Zhang Jihui, deputy general manager, and Xue Xue, chief director of the school, Ye Sheng, deputy general manager of the childhood education circle, Wu Aobing Zhu Bowen, General Manager of Chuangke Business Department, Li Jingfang, Customer Director, and Wu Xiaoyin, Assistant to the President, Yuan Ailing, Professor of Education Science College of South China Normal University, Guangdong Provincial Directors, Early Childhood Professionals and major mainstream media attended the signing ceremony and witnessed This important moment.
Speech by Wang Kai, General Manager of Poly and Music Education Guangzhou Company

Bao Kai and music education Guangzhou company general manager Wang Kai delivered a speech. He mentioned in his speech that Poly & Music Education is a subsidiary of Poly Development Group, which focuses on the education and enlightenment education for young children and is dedicated to children aged 0-18. Provide a one-stop comprehensive quality education platform. Poly and Music Education has always insisted on providing a first-class learning environment and the essence of Chinese and Western culture and art education for pre-school children, and fostering a child's independent, sound and optimistic core personality. This Poly and Music Education will cooperate with the children's education circle to introduce international children's innovative education content and children's creator STEAM courses. Through strong alliances, we will jointly improve the overall quality of pre-school children of Poly and Music Education and train them. The spirit of national culture makes it a good international competitiveness. In the future, Poly and Music Education will work together with the children's circle to work together to promote the development of innovative education for children in China.

Mr. Ye Sheng, Chairman of the Childhood Circle, delivered a speech

In the speech of the signing ceremony, Ye Sheng, the chairman of the childhood education circle, mentioned that the childhood education circle, as a high-tech education enterprise, has always insisted on science and technology innovation and empowerment education, and loves to grow up with children as a concept, and is committed to providing children with high quality children. Innovative educational content, independently developed a set of STEAM courses that are truly suitable for Chinese children aged 3-16. Ye Sheng hopes that through the strategic cooperation with Poly and Music Education, he can use the Poly Group platform to spread the international STEAM course to the whole country and cultivate more creative and innovative talents for the country. In the future, Ye Sheng said that he will seize the development opportunities of artificial intelligence and combine the emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence AI with the children's STEAM education to provide children with better and more advanced STEAM learning content. Can better adapt to future international competition.

Signing of the representatives of both parties

Yuan Ailing, Professor of School of Education Science, South China Normal University: "Early Cultivation of Creative Talents"

Yuan Ailing, a professor at the School of Education Science of South China Normal University and an expert consultant for the children's circle, gave a keynote speech on "Early Cultivation of Creative Talents" for the guests at the scene. In the speech, Professor Yuan put forward the core viewpoint that “the core goal of contemporary education is to cultivate creative talents”, and from the four characteristics of creative talents: cognitive characteristics, social characteristics, dynamic characteristics, personality characteristics, etc. Explain how we cultivate early childhood creativity through early education.

It is reported that the theoretical basis of the STEAM course of the student circle is based on the “preschool creative education” theory exclusively authorized by Professor Yuan Ailing’s expert team. The STEAM course of the student circle is to cultivate the creativity of children aged 3-16. The combination of science, science, engineering, mathematics, art and traditional culture has truly realized an interdisciplinary learning model, allowing children to enhance their creativity and innovative thinking in the fun theme activities of “technology + toys”.

The meeting ended smoothly after Professor Yuan Ailing's wonderful lectures. The two sides indicated that they will take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to integrate resources and deep cooperation, and work together to promote the prosperity and development of children's innovative education in China, and to spread the international children's STEAM curriculum. Give more children and cultivate creative talents for China's innovation and power.