[Good News] Poly Hele Education won the "2018 Annual Impact Education Group of China"
Hele education | 2018-11-30
On November 30, 2018, the 9th Education Forum event hosted by Xinhuanet was successfully concluded in Beijing. The theme of this forum is “Unlocking the Future”. The industry's big coffee, experts and scholars from all over the country gathered together to celebrate the education.

[2018 Annual Influence Education Group]

The forum mainly focuses on “improving the vocational education and training system”, “deepening the integration of production and education”, “accelerating double-class construction”, “exploring the digital, personalized and lifelong education system”, and promoting the sharing of quality education resources. "Educational exploration and practice in other fields to sum up experience, and jointly consider the major changes in education and major changes in education in the past year."

The event was awarded to the Poly Group and the “Educational Education Group” of “2018 Annual Influence Education Group”. It can be seen that the industry recognizes the strength of the Poly and Music Education brand. It is understood that the listed companies need to be judged by experts in scale, enterprise reputation, brand influence, innovation ability, etc., and participate in the online voting by millions of users to win this honor.

As the most influential online media and globally influential annual education forum in China, Xinhuanet’s “Great Country Education Voice” Forum has been dialectically discussing the new ideas, new ideas and strategies of China’s education reform in the past eight years. Advance the comprehensive deepening of the reform process. Connect educational practitioners, scholars, policy makers, and people from all walks of life to provide them with a platform for exchanges and dialogues, promote discussions related to Chinese education, and support educational practices. In the field of education, "objective", "authority", and "forward-looking" form an influential influence and appeal.

[Central enterprise education brand, deserved reputation]

Inheriting the cultural heritage of Poly, relying on the scale advantage of the Group, Poly and Music Education made full use of the idle resources of the Poly Development Group in real estate in the brand cultivation process and the difficulty of the real estate group in the lack of education resources in planning the development of new properties. In the past two years, through effective market-oriented operation, it has been developed in the 52 cities of the country, and has formed six major regional coverage areas of Northeast China, North China, Central China, South China, Southwest China and East China.

In 2018, the “National Education Brand Revitalization Plan” initiated by Poly and Music Education also took the lead in advancing the brand opportunity as one of the “Five Major Cities Plan” in the process of Poly Development and Urban Symphony. It has been highly praised by government leaders and the education sector. . As a result, Hele Education successfully released the development plans for the four major areas of teacher construction, industry standards, cultural exchanges, and public welfare actions, and established the teaching philosophy and ritual culture of “Mongolian, Lok, and Slow Support” in the industry. Course practice benchmarks.

As the development of the “immobility-free circle” of Poly development, it is also the pioneering educational brand of China. It is also the forerunner of China's “learning education” education enterprise. In 2018, Poly and Music Education accelerated the development of the territory while carrying out the education of central enterprises. Poly culture descent, relying on the scale advantage of the group, integrating the group's cultural resources, and carrying out professional and standardized education innovation practice reform from three dimensions of product strength, brand power and communication power, thus realizing brand awareness, social influence, industry influence and brand The overall improvement of the four goals of cultural strength. This time, Poly and Music Education won this award.

[National Education Revitalization, Practice All the Way]

Zheng Bin, deputy general manager of Poly Education Group, said in an interview with Xinhuanet: Poly and Music Education advocated the "learning education" education concept, conforming to the children's growth rules; the education brand that best understands children and loves parents. The ritual and music culture course is also a special course of our kindergarten. In the future, children are faced with global competition. Then we educate our children. First of all, we have our own national self-confidence and a world pattern in order to be able to navigate the future international exchanges. Have a degree.

In 2019, we will continue to inherit the blood of the central enterprises, practice the national education revitalization plan, enhance the brand influence through three dimensions of product strength, brand power and communication power, and build a leading position in the industry, which can support the national education brand image. The national education brand with national influence is aimed at cultivating Chinese teenagers with national culture confidence and international competitiveness.

In the future, in 5-10 years, we will gradually reserve and establish 200-300 direct kindergartens, 100-200 art training centers, and 3-5 international schools to realize the development of the whole education ecological chain for children aged 0-18.