The Ministry of education printed and distributed the supervision measures for kindergarten responsibility supervision and listing
Hele education | 2019-06-12
June 19, 2019   source: China Education Daily

    Beijing, June 18 (reporter Wang Jiayuan) the Ministry of education has recently issued the supervision measures for kindergarten responsibility supervision and listing, which stipulates that the education supervision department shall, according to the layout and scale of kindergartens in the administrative region, in principle, provide responsibility supervision according to the standard that one person is responsible for about five kindergartens. The responsible supervisor is responsible for supervising and guiding the safety management of kindergartens, standardizing the operation of kindergartens, and the construction of teachers' morality and style.

The measures make it clear that the education supervision department of the people's Government of the county (city, district) shall provide responsibility supervision for every Kindergarten (including private) approved and registered in the administrative region and implement regular supervision.

According to the requirements of the measures, the responsible supervisor shall supervise the kindergarten with reference to the supervision regulations on the listing of responsible supervisors in primary and secondary schools, which shall not be less than once a month. In case of any major emergency or accident endangering the safety of the kindergarten, the responsible supervisor must rush to the scene as soon as possible, timely urge and handle it and report it to the superior supervision department.

The measures also stipulates that the education supervision department is responsible for the daily management of the responsible supervision, including the issuance of the Supervision Certificate, the implementation of registration management, the establishment of the assessment system of the responsible supervision, and the examination of the performance of duties, work and tasks of the responsible supervision. The education supervision department shall listen to the report on the work of responsible supervision every month and study and deal with relevant problems. Education administration, education supervision and other relevant departments should attach importance to the results of supervision and suggestions on responsible supervision, which should be taken as an important basis for the comprehensive evaluation of kindergartens and the assessment and accountability of main principals. In terms of kindergarten evaluation, we should fully listen to the opinions of responsible supervision.