China preschool education publicity month will start
Hele education | 2019-05-12
May 12, 2019   source: China Education Daily

Our news (reporter Ji Xiujun) "run the preparatory education through the whole process of kindergarten education, prepare for children's school life in the future, and lay a good quality foundation for their lifelong development." Recently, the general office of the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the national pre-school education Publicity Month in 2019, requiring all regions to carry out Publicity Month activities from May 20 to June 20 with the theme of "scientific preparation for enrollment".

   it is understood that the focus of this year's publicity is to effectively reverse the cognitive bias of some parents who overemphasize knowledge preparation, resolutely resist and abandon the wrong tendency of learning primary school curriculum and education content in advance, focus on the preparation of children's physical and mental health, learning quality and social development and other key qualities, focus on the exercise of children's healthy physique, develop good living habits and self-care Ability, stimulate children's interest in learning, cultivate the learning habit of being diligent, inquisitive and attentive, establish the preliminary task consciousness and rule consciousness, form the moral quality of honesty, faithfulness, solidarity, friendship, mutual assistance and cooperation, and trigger children's positive experience and yearning for primary school life.

The Ministry of education has put forward four requirements: first, careful deployment and implementation. The education administrative departments of all provinces (districts and cities) should attach great importance to the publicity month in 2019 as an important measure to manage "primary school", as an effective way to promote home cooperation and the connection between children and primary school, study and formulate specific publicity implementation plans and arrange and deploy various publicity activities in combination with local reality.

Second, adhere to the scientific orientation. The education administrative departments of all provinces (districts and cities) should give full play to the advantages of professional resources of teaching and scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, kindergartens and primary schools, grasp the correct guidance of publicity, and vigorously promote the good experience and good practices of local enrollment preparation and the connection between primary and secondary schools. Combined with the practice of kindergarten education and family education, this paper uses vivid and real cases to spread scientific ideas and methods, and analyzes the harm of one-sided preparation. The publicity content shall be carefully planned and strictly controlled. It is strictly forbidden for any unit or individual to carry out commercial activities in the name of publicity month, so as to ensure the scientificity and public welfare of the publicity activities.

                 . It is not only kindergarten work, but also primary school's active participation and cooperation. We should organize kindergartens and primary schools to participate extensively, carry out publicity activities at the same time, and promote coordination and two-way connection between children and primary schools. We will encourage primary schools to participate in and support the preparatory education for kindergarten enrollment, earnestly implement the requirement of free entrance to schools nearby, and adhere to the implementation of "zero starting point" education.

Fourthly, ensure the effectiveness of publicity. Local education administrative departments should make extensive use of various media, organize and carry out large-scale public lecture, expert interview, on-site consultation and other theme publicity activities, and create a good social publicity atmosphere. We should give full play to the role of the primary and kindergarten propaganda as the main front, and ensure that the publicity is in-depth and lasting and effective through various activities such as open days, parent lectures, publicity and consultation.